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    Is there a problem with the latest Missing Sync an iCal when it comes to recurring tasks? I read something about it a while back, but I never used recurring tasks. I just switched my mother-in-law to a Mac and she uses them all the time and her iCal Calendars keep disappearing. Does this sounds familiar? Is there a solution other than using Palm Desktop for the calendar?

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    I just learned that iCal doesn't use recurring tasks. I found a script but decided not to mess with it.

    What kind of tasks does she want to recur? I was doing my bills, but decided to just put them into Quicken's bill thing. I just did it, but played around with it in the past. I think that if I tell it to remind me 7 days prior, the box automatically opens and tells me to pay the bill. Now, my tasks are going to be just for homework, for class, which doesn't recur.

    Maybe if you tell us what she's wanting to do we can come up with a different alternative; unless you want to mess with the script thing. Looked easy, but the one I used automatically named the To Do, and I didn't know where to go from there.

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