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    I tried to install two products - science manual and palm currency converter...both were in the format - one .prc and one .pdb file

    - the .prc's install well (on my 1 G card) but despite the .pdb being installed and on the card (checked with file z etc) the programs can't find there a specific directory I have to install/move them to (and is this a general thing for .pdb files) or do they have to go in the RAM?
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    Usually pdb's need to be in Main Memory unless the application has specific features to have them on card.
    You could also use ZLauncher or PowerRun or alike to move main app with databases to card but it will first be copied back to main memory before starting (which might result in an unacceptable delay).
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    Ahh..I thought that might be it..unfortunate...only have so much of THAT (main memory)...thanks holvoetn!

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