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    There's an excellent review of the Treo 680 that has just been posted on Brighthand. The reviewer likes the 680 but sees the battery life as a serious problem. He has isolated the problem to an open data connection and indicates he can't understand how Palm let it out with this problem. The review can be found at:

    Just a couple of excerpts from the article:

    I do not like that the battery life is short. I have narrowed the culprit down to the data connection being on constantly, but that seems like something that Palm should not have let come out the door unless it was fixed. I do understand that the carrier gets the ROM and has to do their own testing and approval, and sometimes fixes can come while that happens. But on Cingular and Palm's part, the battery life is the only deal breaker.

    I wish 3G was on here, but get the battery issues solved first and then give me a real 3G running Palm OS Treo.

    I think anyone that has a 680 will find this interesting. One other thought he has is that Cingular's pricing of the unit $80 plus a month is too pricey for the target market of the 680 and he wonders whether it can be a success with this kind of pricing. I think you'll all find this article quite interesting based on what we have been discussing/are experiencing.

    I also came across this thread that you may find interesting:

    However I've got a serious decision to make. Keep this or change it but Rogers only offers the 650, 3 different Blackberry's and the Nokia E62. They've obviously dropped the iPaq they used to carry. I don't like any of these alternatives for various reasons. The 680 is really the only thing that meets my needs but this battery issue is really troubling.
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    There's at least 3 or 4 theories on the battery drain.. Camera, bluetooth, and the (fill in the blank) caused my 680 to drain at 30% an hour.
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    Bluetooth and (fill in the blank) are normal

    Camera not
    The initial 'trimming' of the battery is #4 I presume ?
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    if u need to disconnect from gprs just hold down red button to turn off the phone and again to turn it back battery doesn't drain in use what some people are claiming theirs does in idle.......kicks the **** of my vaio battery life
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    Can't you just do resetnetlib if you have to in order to disconnect GPRS?

    And can't you do that from the Network prefs?

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