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    I've tried assigning different hard buttons and all I get when I press them 9after enabling snap) is the various screens/functions assigned by Palm (or other progs like Agendus)..what gives? And what can I use to see the pics - tried the pics& dice....want tot ke a snap of my batterygraph...going 13 hrs from 47% to zero so far
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    Got it..was a 'snap" - used the agendus key on auto disable!
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    Did you get a beep?

    I loaded it and unloaded it then reloaded it and still no beep - but I did find the pix it took!

    wish it told me it took them!
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    Snap works for me on my 680 and I do get a beep. I'm using the power (red) key as my hardkey for Snap. When I enable Snap, go to the screenshot I want to take and then hit the power key, I hear a beep, but the phone doesn't power off as it would if Snap weren't enabled. Here's a screenshot I just took of my phone with Hi-Launcher and one of its submenus up:
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    By the way, the only way I've found to view the screenshots is to use CardReader and view it on my computer in the Palm/Programs/Snap/ directory. Has anyone else found a better way to view it on the 680?
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    Snap works on my 680 and I also get the beep tone when I take a snap shot. There are a couple things I wish were different such as:

    1. Speed, needs improvement
    2. Takes JPEGs instead of BMPs
    3. Double take bug when set on manual disable

    But who am I to complain, it's a freeware and it does it's job
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    If you want to see a .bmp on your 680, you'll need a photo viewer that can open .bmp. I think Resco Viewer and AcidImage (highest level) can do that, as can the freeware VFSi.
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    DTG premium should be able to see the bmp.
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