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    Friends at TreoCentral,

    I own a Treo 650 (firmware 1.71 edited ROM editada) and a few months ago I changed my network provider (from TIM to Claro - Brazilian Networks).

    Since that I'm facing the oddest reset "mistery" I've ever had with my device.
    The phone "freezes" frequently when the phone is on. I consider myself an advanced Treo and PalmOS user and have tried everything to solve this problem but no luck so far. Here are some facts:

    1. While using the older network (TIM) it never happened;
    2. Already tried a hard reset, same problem;
    3. Changed my SIM Card, originally 64kb, to an old 32kb (like the one I had on TIM):
    4. After changing the Claro SIM, tried some other SIM Cards from TIM and had no problems (seems the network is the problem right?);
    5. I travel some times per year to the US and there I have no problems using any american network provider;
    6. The device freezes only when the phone is on;
    7. Now the most amazing thing... it seems the problem happends much more often when I'm at home.

    Well, I know it might be a network provider's problem but of course they claim it's not their problem and it must be the device.

    So, question is, has anyone ever had this problem somewhere? And for the Brazilians... is anyone facing something similar???

    btw... I can't change my network provider for the next 12months! I made contract for a cheaper phone for my wife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcsbrz View Post
    So, question is, has anyone ever had this problem somewhere? And for the Brazilians... is anyone facing something similar???
    Hi there,

    A year has passed, nobody replied and I ask you: any progress on that issue?

    I'm from Brazil too and have a similar problem you had, but with a Treo 680.
    Bought from TIM (with a bonus gave from a friend), unlocked through those automatic engines on web and put my Claro SIM card.

    I always have problem on getting signal:
    - Treo takes a while to get signal, even using the 1800 command, so it can find the signal a little quicker;
    - however, it loses signal and keep on "No service - SOS only" until I turn off, turn on and give the 1800 command;
    - usually, when I will answer a call, Treo freezes on accept/reject call screen for about 10 secs (no audio) and then shows that I've missed a call :P
    - and when is looking for signal, Treo gets stupid: doesn't reacts to any user command (screen touching, pressing buttons or turning on the silent mode); it only reacts after it get or didn't get signal...

    So, anyone has a clue about that?
    By changing the carrier DB, could help that?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Why don't you discuss this with your provider? Maybe there is a setting that you need to adjust for that specific carrier, or have the carrier adjust on your account for you.
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    On Treo, there's nothing I can do in a simple manner, like a config.
    I'm sure Claro (my service provider) will suggest to call Palm support.

    So, I see two options:
    1. as my Treo has warranty, send to them and ask for a firmware and software update. (I wish to get the 2.11 update, released recently, because of the PTT feature)
    2. or, try to replace the ROM and software with the custom one.

    The problem on first case, is that I think they will get my phone for about a month and replace (if they think is apropriate) with a 1.09 version. And on second, is that a latin america weird one version:
    Firmware: MW01.70
    Software: TREO680-1.07-LAT
    CC-Cap: LAT-TIB-003
    Carrier DB: 482
    Hardware: A

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