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    I had this happen 2 times to me in the past 24 hours:
    (I have an unlocked Treo 680)

    I am on a call and I get a new call, so I press the green send button to accept the new call. Then a minute or two later, I say goodbye to that person and press the on-screen "swap" button to switch back to the first call. The second caller hangs up at that point, so my screen shows me back on the first call and says "active". That caller can hear me talking, but I cannot hear them at all. I tried to toggle "mute" and "hold" on and off, but it was useless. In both cases, I hung up and called the person back, and both times they told me they could hear me, but I could not hear them.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas?
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    I had the same thing happen yesterday. It also happened often with my 650. For this reason I may return the phone. Why can't Palm fix bugs like this!!!!!!!!! Volume Care doesn't fix the problem.
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    I had a similar problem with two previous Treo 680s. This 4th device so far seems to handle multiple calls as they should be handled. If the hard resets or the factory resets don't cure your troubles- return it for an exchange!
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    I'm going to have to play with it a little....because I know for sure I've done this before and didn't have that problem, but perhaps I went about it differently. There seems to be several ways of doing this. You can press the on-screen buttons, you can press the send button, etc. I'm guessing that one of them works and one doesn't, which would explain the inconsistancy.
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    It was intermittent on my 650 and 700p but it happened enough to be a annoying. I tried to work with Jeff Gordon (Volume Care) but it was hard to recreate the problem on a consistent basis. Iím going to exchange the phone for the 750 as I donít want to deal with this again.

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