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    Hey treo people ...

    it has been long since i need to use this feature .. i remembered during those old days of palm we have connection on our palm using this software called mocha ppp that uses our pc internet connection for the palm ...

    i was wondering if theres such software for os5 palm nowadays ? i tot PDAnet was the software to do so .. but it turns out i wrongly recalled.. PDAnet is to use our Treo as the connection to GPRS/EDGE for our PC not the other way round ..

    so is there any other software that is like MOCHA PPP last time that does the same for our currect os5 treos ? thanks ...
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    This is referred to as reversed DUN via Bluetooth. I have been reading up on it but have not attempted it yet. I am currently stuck on how to change Microsoft's implementation of the bluetooth stack, something about crippled functions on the drivers.
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    Softick PPP ... HAHAHHA ! well any other software other than this ? (just to make this thread usefull) sorry guys ! :P
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    From what have been posted so far, with reverse DUN, you are not even required to use third party software like Softick PPP or Mocha.

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