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    I'm hoping someone knows the name of this software. I've been using Palm products for 6 years, or so. I used to have a software that allowed me to enter up to 4 specific dates. The software would then calculate the difference for each event. For example, if I entered 12/31/07, it would show "359 days until...". I've found some software that had the ability to countdown 1 date, but I'm looking for one that can countdown more than one. The software I used to have also allowed me to enter the name of the event.

    Does anyone happen to know the name of this software? I've been searching for weeks and am not having any luck.

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    It's my lucky day!

    I just found it. The title is "CountDown 1.00d" by Mark Wilson
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    Do you have a link for the software? I am not on my desktop.


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