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    Hi I recently picked up a BT 359 for me Treo 650 and have been happy. However this past week, I had a little difficulty. I flew to chicago for my job (from boston where I live) and when I got to my rental car, I noticed that I was unable to obtain a GPS lock for about an hour. I finaly did, and everything was fine for the rest of the trip. However, last night when I got back to Boston, I was again unable to obtain a GPS lock. After about 45 minutes, I did a reset on the receiver and got a lock instantly, but I am not sure if I got the lock because of the reset or if it was just coincidence. If I got the lock because of the reset, does that mean that everytime you travel to a different part of the country, should you do a reset when you arrive? Does the receiver still think you are in your previous place and that is why it is so hard to get a new lock? I hope there is an answer to this, because so far I have been very impressed with the BT 359, but I would definitely be dissapointed if I am going to have problems getting a lock everytime I fly somewhere. One of the reasons I got it was to make traveling easier when I fly to different cities that I am not familiar with.

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    I just got a BT-359 too. It does seem to take a long time to get a SAT lock even when I am just leaving my house. I have not tried doing a reset (holding power button for 5 secs) to see if that helps.
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