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    I recently bought a used Treo 650 and tried to install the 1.05 update which crashed the phone (reset everytime started phone). Found the thread here to do the 1.04 update. I downloaded the 1.04 file but didn't know how to make it work so I put all of the files in the quickinstall. The 1.04 update worked but it would go through the update everytime I hotsynced.

    I then installed the 1.05 update which worked and stopped the hotsync problem but now there is an icon "DC" which I touched and it reinstalled the 1.04 update.

    I'm assuming that the DS-store file is the problem but how do I get rid of it or what files do I need to get rid of and how?

    Update - I found a couple of files (CDMA updater, ROMupdater) that I deleted. I hope that works.

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