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    I originally got a HS850 headset to use with my work Blackberry and had great success using it. Then I got a Treo 700wx.

    I find that the Blackberry is fairly good at relinquishing its right to connect with the headset if I want to make the Treo-headset pairing current, but once the treo is connected it is a pain in the *** to get it to disconnect so that I can use the blackberry-headset combo. I have to put the headset into pairing mode and re-establish the connection to get it to work.

    In fact, I realized I don't really understand how the whole pairing process works (like what procedures the phone and headset are going through to agree on a connection and what it takes to break that connection)

    Is there an easy way of handling two phones with a headset like this?

    If not, does somebody have advice on what my next bluetooth headset should be?

    I swear this is why somebody should write a piece of software that allows the Treo to act as a gateway between a second BT phone and the headset, allowing you to control everything through your phone.
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    my hs850 really doesnt work well with the 700wx, maybe its just mine. also didnt work well with the 700p either

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