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    I have a Cingular Palm Treo 650. I recently leased a new car that has factory installed Bluetooth in it. I am having two problems.

    1) When I try to sync the Treo to the Bluetooth, it seems to work. However, only 4 numbers in my Treo's contacts transfer to the Bluetooth. Those are the 4 numbers programmed on the Treo when I bought it: Voicemail, Check My Minutes, Pay My Bill and Check My Balance. None of my contacts transfer to the Bluetooth.

    Any suggestions?

    2) About 4 out of every 5 times I get in the car and start it, my Treo freezes up after a while. I have to pull the battery out and do the soft reset.

    Are these problems related?

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling/resyncing the Treo and Bluetooth but the same thing happens.

    Any ideas?
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    A couple of quick ideas - delete all profiles on the vehicle and the Treo. Have the Treo find the car and not the other way around regardless of the instruction. Go through the process and mark it as car kit. I found this process sets up a strong link. If you start mixing and matching it never seems to work properly.
    As far as the address book it will transfer your favorites and not the entire address book.
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    My 650 works the 700W (Verizon) but like others I have read about only the favorites or quick dial numbers transfer. The contacts list does not transfer.

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