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    Hello all,
    I hate to post a new thread on likely a relatively easy problem but I've been trying and reading threads for the past 2hours. All I want to do is be able to use my new 4gb SD card.
    I have read all the threads and followed all the instructions...I think I've done it correctly...but obviously not if I'm still having problems. I used the Treo 650 ROM Tool and extracted a backup of my ROM. Then I created another copy of it and simply deleted FATFS.PRC from the file and replaced it with the FAT32.PRC that I got from this website.

    Now with my problem...I upload everything successfully to my Treo but when I reboot my Treo, it goes into a reset loop and doesn't stop until I go back to Bootloader mode...then from there I can only get the phone to work if I reload my original backup to the Treo.
    Can someone let me know if they've fixed a similar problem to this?

    Thanks all.
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    Oh and I should also add, not that I think it should make a difference, that I'm in Canada with Telus Mobility as a provider. Would this mean my phone would have to be unlocked? Sorry...I'm really new at this.

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    I've fixed my problem. Just incase anyone else has the same issue...turns out that when I was deleting the FATFS.PRC and replacing it it FAT32.PRC, I was doing this all within the zip file using winrar. I don't see why this caused a problem but it did.
    So when I extracted the zip, replace the file, then upload the the uncompressed files...ROM TOOL did the compressing and everything worked.


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