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    Just wondering if anyone has made a version of Line Rider for the Treo. I have a Treo 600 and thought it would be great to be able to kill time playing that game. Already kill time playing on my desktop. My kids love it too.

    If anyone knows of a version please let me know.

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    Is line rider any different to Bike or Die?
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    From the Home page here at TC, in the Software roundup:

    Line Rider Mobile

    In-Fusio Inc. has recently released Line Rider (TM) Mobile.

    Amazing! Line Rider (TM) Mobile, The Internet phenomenon is now available for your phones and PDAs! Line Rider (TM) Mobile brings all the fun of the Internet phenomenon to your mobile phone or PDA. Grab the pencil tool and construct tracks filled with ramps, hills, and jumps, and then send your virtual sledder down the route.

    Play the addictive Puzzles mode to test your mastery of the lines, share your creations with other fans and publish them on the Line Rider official Web site. Choose "Create Tracks" from the main menu to start your track from scratch, or to open and play preloaded tracks. Choose "Puzzles" from the main menu to complete the various challenges available inside the game. Choose "Shared Tracks" from the main menu to send your own creations to other Line Rider fans, or to retrieve tracks drawn by other fans.


    Exclusive mobile version of the Internet phenomenon Line Rider
    9 line tools, including layered scenery, finish lines, destructible lines, acceleration lines...
    Puzzles game mode, to test your mastery of the lines
    Preloaded tracks to inspire your own crazed creations
    Music or sound effects to bring out the best of your creations

    Line Rider (TM) Mobile is available here for $14.95.

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