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    I have the 4gb PQI Hi-Speed 150x and it workds great in my treo 700p. I have a lot of pics and vids saved to it. Now, the problem is that I have tried to put it in my computer via card reader (san disk mobile mate) and it doesn't show up it just keeps saying insert disc everytime I click on the removable disc drive. Same with puting it right into my computers card reader, I am getting frustrated!! Please help. Note I also used it in my nintendo wii's sd card slot and it comes up saying that my card is corrupted or damaged. I have only taken pics and videos with it... don't see how it could be corrupted. Does anyone else use this card and it work? Do you think its just this card, and I could purchase another one and it will work? What 4gb card are you using for your treo that is working good? Thanks Again!!
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    I have this same card, and it works fine. However, I was unable to read it in my PC's card reader, but that is because the card reader could not read SD cards larger than 2GB (I believe). I just received a new card reader with my Palm GPS system, which reads and writes to the card just fine. You may want to try a new card reader, assuming the card is working in your Treo fine.
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    Is there any card readers you suggest because I would rather buy a new card reader than a new card itself!! Thanks!

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