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    Anyone notice that Bluetooth icon sometimes becomes a hallow blue? Normally, it is a solid blue when BT is on and ready to connect, gray when it is off and headphones when connected. I have two cars each with Parrot 3100 BT kits installed. On each, the Treo frequently looses its pairing and then the icon becomes hallow. Turning BT off, then on again sometimes fixes it. Other times, I have to delete the phone from the Parrot and reset the Treo and re-pair. What a pain! I'm almost ready to give up on the Treo for this reason.
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    I have a similar problem. I use a Plantronics Explorer 340 headset and a Motorola HF850 car kit. There are lots of instances where I either start my truck and don't get a connect or connect my earpiece and don't connect. I look at my Treo 680 and the bluetooth has been turned off with no action by me. I have found no pattern ie. after Hotsync. I have no clue why it does this. It is not a power situation b/c I always keep my Treo charged. Sometimes when I disconnect the headset the Treo just decides it doesn't like bluetooth and turns it off. ????????? Any suggestions or known fixes?
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    Same situation here. I have a Parrot 3200ls which is exactly as you describe it. Sometimes I can't get it to work at all (even deleting it and re-pairing) and other times it works flawlessly. So frustrating!!! I also have a BMW with factory bluetooth and it is working pretty consistenly with that car. My husband has a Prius with factory bluetooth and it behaves similarly to the Parrot. I cannot figure out why the BMW seems to work so much better than the other two cars. Is it the Treo or the bluetooth mfgrs?
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    from the on-board 680 manual:

    "The bluetooth wireless technology icon appears in gray when this feature is off, in blue when this feature is on, and in reverse blue when your smartphone is communicating with another Bluetooth device.

    Sounds like your phone is trying to communicate the pairing with the car kit when this is happening.
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    I paired my 680 with my Acura TL and it is often flawless. Still, I have two issues:

    1) After the phone shows itself as paired to the car, it drops the connection when initiating a call. I am able to transfer the call back to Bluetooth, but it happens pretty frequently. It never drops the bluetooth connection on an incoming call.

    2) I have had to re-pair the phone more than once. Sometimes like above just turning bluetooth off and on again will take care of the problem. Sometimes I have to completely re-pair the phone to the car.

    FYI I do not use bluetooth headsets and the phone has not been paired to any other device.

    While I am at it, what I really need is the ability to stream from ptunes via bluetooth to a car stero...
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    I have the Sony Ericsson HBH-60 headset. It works really well, quicker and with good range.

    BUT, when the headset is attached to the 680 and already turned on, it has an issue. If I hit the on/off switch while not on a call, the 680 and headset make some sort of connection. This connection remains no matter what. When another call is made then NO sound comes through, but the phone call is still made. The only way I've found to remedy is to stop and restart BT.

    Why did Palm tinker with the 650 BT stack? It seemed to work flawlessly before. One of the few things BTW.
    Patrick Horne
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    FWIW, I'm having major Bluetooth woes. My two Bluetooth headsets, a Sony HBH-660 and a Palm Treo Bluetooth headset sometimes connect to my Treo 680 -- and sometimes they don't.

    The most aggravating aspect of this is when I assume that when I try to answer a call with my headset, only to discover that there's no connection between the headset and phone.

    This never happened with my Treo 650.
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    My HBH-662 is unuseable in most cases. It just disconnects randomly in the middle of a call. I think I have narrowed it down to using it when I have TT6 running using my Seidio 2350s dock but haven't had time to replicate the error and confirm the bug. Of course once I do we all know we can trust that TomTom to do jack-sh&t about it (aren't we still waiting for an "official" Treo 680 update?) and Palm will assuredly point fingers back to TomTom.
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    I used to have the 650, which worked OK with my Acura MDX, but now i upgreated to the 680 and it won't work at all.
    it says it's paired, but then disconnects, very frustrating....

    is this a hopeless cause???
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    I am sure this would be fixed with a firmware update. I had similar problems with my Treo 650 that were all resolved with an update. Now that I have the Treo 680, I have all the old problems my Treo 650 had.

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