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    i did a search, wasn't able to come up with much.

    is there any reason as to why when I am waiting for a page to load (a message in my inbox), it's fine until it's fully loaded. .then the message is basically fused with the bottom of the screen and is impossible for me to reply to.

    My earlier treo 650 didn't have this problem.
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    i didn't have this problem on my 700p, but i just tested it and i see what you mean. I think it's probably more of the doing on myspace's part, not blazer. They do have partnerships with specific mobile carriers, and perhaps they dont want us treo users to access through the phone.

    edit - also: it may only be temporary.

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    I hope so.

    xinno is killing me with it's jumble.

    thanks for testing it out, at least i'm not the only one.
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    I find that when Blazer and Xiino both fail, Opera can sometimes do the trick. I know that using three browsers can be a bit too much though.
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    you can never have too many browsers my friend .

    I tried opera 3 but it just seemed to not want to work on my treo 650. Where can I download opera 2? is it even possible?

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