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    Hey all,

    I think I am ready to upgrade my 650 to a 700 (Sprint P). I am not eligible for an upgrade with Sprint, so the prices from Sprint and Palm are in teh $650 range.

    Are there any better places to buy a Sprint Treo 700p, without a service agreement?

    I bought one on eBay a few months back, which was incomplete and broken and it took me 3 months to get the PayPal i am not looking to get another on eBay.

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    If interested I have 1 available I got from lockline as a replacement barely used includes everything in the box. I am asking $350 plus shipping or if your near NJ pickup is welcome. I am paypal verified, and as soon as the payment is cleared i will email you the esn, so you can verify it even before you ship the phone. pm me if your interested.

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