Goodlink guy - please help (my IT guys are new to Goodlink and haven't had time to work this out - meanwhile I am without email)! I have an HTC TyTN device with Goodlink installed (Lotus Notes email). The device worked fine with Goodlink for several weeks and then Goodlink locked up while I was travelling in Japan. I have reprovisioned the device a number of times as well as completely rebuilding the device from scratch (rollback to factory defaults via hard reset and then install only Goodlink). The device receives information fine - emails come in, calendar entries added at the desktop appear, etc. However, it does not seem to communicate back to the server in any way - examples are: deleted mails do not get deleted on the desktop, new calendar entries don't appear on the desktop, requests for more text for specific emails don't work, etc. Eventually, I think the device is just locking up when the cue of information to send back to the server gets too large at which point I have to reprovision. When I look at status I notice that Session 9 is always showing "Connection pending" while the other 8 sessions are connected (when things were working correctly session 9 was also showing connected). Any ideas? Is this a device problem or a server problem?