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    I'm looking for a good 4GB or 8GB SD Memory Card that will work for the Treo 700p. I especially want it to play video files....using mostly TCPMP.

    I have a 4GB SGL Memory Card which is 'dog crap.' Excuse the language, but 3/4 of all the files copied over from my laptop are 'errored.' The language looks 'Arabic' when I look at the files copied over. Some are alright, most are not! 1 out of 5 video files will copy over correctly...that is it!

    I have formatted the card several times....and still get the same results. I have had good luck with other cards, but the AGL is near worthless.

    What cards have you had good luck with? I guess you get what you paid for.....
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    The Transcend 150x 4Gig card is very good. Good Luck!
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    Sure, there are good cards out there.. Ones that are name brand that have a reputation of quality, not the absolute cheapest card you can scrape off of eBay.

    But if you're getting that much corruption, I suspect something other than the SD card.
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    Everyone will have their favorite brand and/or brand horror story. . . . . . but I have used SanDisk cards for 5 years now without a hitch. With that said -- Sandisk's 4GB is an SDHC format that may or may not work in the Treo 700p. (The Sandisk web site does not list it as a compatible device, but there may be more clarifing information on this in the various SD card threads that are out there.)

    I am currently using the Transcend 150X 4GB SD card in my 700p. In use, the card is not as fast as my standard blue Sandisk 2GB was -- but I was looking for "real estate" more than "speed" in my change over.

    In access to files and the playing of songs -- the Transcend is working well -- I have had no issues there. (My Treo taken videos have played back just as well as they did on the 2GB card, but I have not played movies to give you that yeah or nay.)

    My only warning is that the write speed to my Transcend 4GB is very slow, but this may be a function of card size and not a brand specific issue, or just an issue with my specific card. (I have tried the card in a 650 and two different 700Ps -- and the write speed was the same on all three devices -- as well as the same relative slowness in my PC's card reader.) The write speed is not a big issue for me -- the card does what I want it to and I would buy another -- unless another proven brand comes out with a compatible card with a higher speed and mega-capacity.
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    Make sure you format it in the Treo, not the computer. Any card I've tried works fine in mine. . .
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    Patriot 133x 4Gb works great too. Formatted in the computer with 32k chunks in FAT32.
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