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    Hello. Just got my 680 and very new to email on a PDA. Question is I already set up my email using versamail. I only check my aol for emails.It works fine,but I keep getting this flashing yellow bell on the top of the screen telling me versa mail account could not sent mail. Everytime I clear it, it comes back 5 minutes later. Very annoying.
    2nd question is how do I assign a specific ring tone for a caller.I like to have my kids tone different from all others.They are in my favorites, but I cant figure out how to assign their own tone. Thank you for any help!
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    I don't use Versamail, so I can't help with that.

    As for separate ringtones, just go to contacts and select a ringtone for each caller you want to be special. It's under the picture box...

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