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    I'd like to easily transfer photos from iPhoto on my Mac to my Treo 700p. I'd like to do it without using Missing Sync, if possible (Missing Sync seems great, I just want to avoid the added--albeit minor--expense).

    I'm planning to use a program called "SyncTunes" to sync the Treo and an iTunes playlist, and in order to do so, will have to remove the SD card and put it in a card reader (I know I could avoid this via Missing Sync). Since the SD card will be in an external reader, is it an easy process to copy photos to it from iPhoto? I think Missing Sync could change the size of the photo so you weren't copying 1280 x 1024 resolution photos to it. Are there any other iPhoto plugins or programs that'll do what I need?

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    This probably isn't what you're asking for (since you wanted free stuff), but my solution to the photo sizing and viewing is GraphicConverter (included free on many older Macs, not free on current Macs), which has very powerful batch processing capabilities (e.g. resize, crop, convert file type) of images in folders and sub-folders, which you can then copy to your SD card using a USB SD card reader.

    For viewing images on the Palm, I strongly recommend AcidImage - I've tried all of the picture viewing programs and in my opinion none of the others comes close.

    Of course, your mileage may vary on any of this.

    PS. I second SyncTunes. Awesome free program.
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    Just curious why you'd want to sync just a play list. I don't really use them, maybe that's why I don't get it. Is it just that it's easier to create them on the Mac rather than on the Treo?

    Also, syncing the playlist, does that also move the actual mp3 files or just what order to play them in? I tried messing with it when I first got Missing Sync and it wouldn't work. On my Treo 60 though, I only have RealPlayer and the files on my MacBook are AAC. I THINK that it won't transfer, if there's not a player for the files, so maybe that's why nothing was working.

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