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    After a firmware upgrade failed badly, my Treo 650 started misbehaving. I worked out most of the kinks except for a problem hotsyncing the calendar (I sync w/ Outlook). I tried a number of fixes I found in this forum and others without any luck so I performed a hard reset after renaming the backup folder so that I can do a selective restore.

    Here's my question: Is there a list somewhere of what each of these databases and applications do so I can evaluate if it might be the corrupt culprit and/or if I need that particular feature enough to risk it? I've tried Googling them each individually but that provides limited information and there are so many, it's going to be time to upgrade the phone before I get through them all.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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    Well you could try this:

    Install only the first half. If the problem is solved, install the first half on the remainder. Rinse and repeat until failure.

    At this point you have it narrowed down to some subset. Now start over with everything installed except this subset. If that works, start adding in again, 1/2 at a time.

    It's a bit tedious, but really goes faster than you think.

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