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    Hey all,

    Just got my Treo 680 today and it’s going well so far! However, I’ve soon realised that I need to purchase an SD card for the device. I’m looking for the maximum capacity (which I believe is 2GB) but am unsure as to which one to go for. Does anybody have some suggestions? Also, can the 680 support the 133x speed cards?

    I look forward to your responses!

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    You can get a 8gb card from new egg for $94.99
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbarrett5381 View Post
    You can get a 8gb card from new egg for $94.99
    What's the write speed of that SDHC card? Looks like a good deal if it writes good.
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    i dont' think it makes a difference in the phone itself. those write speeds are really more for transferring from your computer to the card in a card reader.

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