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    I had two functions on my 600 that I can't remember how I got, but want them back for my 700p!

    1. using the spacebar to toggle the speakerphone
    2. preventing the keyguard from turning on for a while after the screen is shut off.

    If anyone can direct me to how I can do these with my 700p, that would be awesome!
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    spacebar to toggle speaker phone = phone technician

    preventing keyguard from turning on, dont think there is an application to add more time, just the default on phone, 30 seconds after screen off..preferences on phone, keyguard

    the only work around u can do is install a program like always on, which will make your screen stay on longer which in turn will not turn on your keyguard but will drain your battery faster, so at the end u are better off just working with keyguard and turning it off

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