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    I've been having some issues with Bluetooth on my phone which don't always show up. For example, when I use Tomtom 6 connected to my GPS receiver and a call comes in, I answer it with BT headset, I finish the call and then I restart Tomtom 6. Most of the time it will just pick up the signal from the GPS receiver and continue with my route, however sometimes it just says it's waiting to connect to the GPS receiver and will not find it. The only way to get it to work again is to turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on (which is a pain because I'm driving).

    Another problem I had was with my headset today, it just wouldn't send the call to it. I deleted it and rediscovered it, paired and still no go. Finally I had to uncheck Send to BT headset in Prefs and then check it again. Now it works.

    Anybody experiencing these kinds of things?
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    Yes - I've had a few flaky issues:

    1) In the middle of a call my screen turned off, and the bluetooth connection was dropped (but the phone call stayed intact)

    2) Again, middle of a call - Bluetooth doesn't answer and the call gets disconnected

    3) If you turn on the headset after you turn on BT on the Treo, the Treo has a hard time connecting (at least with my Plantronics 655).
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    another issue *at least for me*

    had paired the 680 with a mac, made the 680 bluetooth hidden, then tried to send some files off the mac to 680, it can't detect the 680, didn't have this kind of problem while using other phones which had been paired and set the BT to 'hidden'
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