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    When I enter a password at a web site on my Blazer browser the letters rapidly turn to asterisks. Is there a way to prevent that from happening so that the letters stay displayed? I cannot connect to my Groupwise email at work (like I could on my old 650) and I wonder if the submitted password is not being recognized by Groupwise once the asterisks are in there. Thanks.
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    The asterisks actually only appear on the Treo; they are sent as the letters you typed in, and the letters should remain visible long enough for you to confirm that you typed the correct letter. They turn to asterisks as a privacy measure. I don't know of any way to disable that.
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    try this: while in Blazer, got to OPTIONS/PREFERENCES/ADVANCED/SET PROXY - and un-check "USE DEFAULT CARRIER PROXY". I was having trouble signing into MYEBAY and my personal bank account - similar to your issue. This fix took care of it and now I'm able to log into the sites I had issues with.

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