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    The phone is an unlocked GSM straight from Palm. My provider is Cingular wireless.

    I was browsing the web with Opera and the phone shut down. I've had it happen before, so I figure it's no big deal. It boots up the Palm OS screen, and immediately reboots itself again. It didn't make it to the time screen or any background. It repeats this cycle over and over again, so I pop the battery out. Turn it on.... same thing! Stuck in a rebooting loop.

    I pop the battery out, hold up, place battery back in, get back into a normal boot only to find out I can't make calls or connect to the network. I hold down the application button to make the shortcut/last used applications pop up, and it doesn't work. Instead, it takes me to the applications.

    I try connecting with Gmail/Opera.. no dice. Errors out saying to check my network settings. I figured the SIM might be fried, so I try it in my gf's phone and it works fine. I try her SIM in my phone and the same thing happens.

    Great phone up until last night!

    /me calls Palm.
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    9:26AM Update:

    Called Palm, they walked me through a hard reset in which the Power button, NOT the up button, is depressed while the battery is reinserted and the Palm formatted itself. Hotsynced it back with the desktop and got everything back except Java and Opera.

    I'm happy for now. I asked for a note to be placed on my account that I was unsatisfied with the battery life after turning off IR/Bluetooth and disconnecting from the network after every internet session. He told me to plug it in more frequently.

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    check in system pref that it is using the correct network.
    mine sometimes changes from tzones to total internet on tmobile. check yours.
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    I just want to add to this thread: I had the same issue today (after owning the Treo 680 for a week). Cannot make calls or connect to GPRS (european model). At first a soft reset fixed it, then later it occurred again. Hard reset didn't solve it either. I'll be sending it in for repair now.

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