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    I have been using the program "Get News" for a year and it is great. It gets news from Yahoo. I now notice that the program doesn't work. Does anyone else use this program and find it doesn't work?
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    Noticed yesterday also. Was in a fringe area and did not think much about it but have tried to refresh data several times since and connection fails. Able to us other data services so suspect there is an issue with GetNews and Yahoo.

    Would love to hear a solution. Very simple program which I have used since it was first released. Hope a fix is available.
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    I used GetNews for a while and then with with Quick News. have you given it a go?

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    Have you tried Neeews from Resco. It's a free rss reader that seems to work really well.
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    I am also experiencing a connection issue although there is no actual problem with Yahoo's web site. I suspect that Yahoo changed something and the locations from which data was parsed are now different.
    I really like the 2day plugin and easy accessibility from the 2day screen. I hope everything reappears as I don't think the developer is actively maintaining or updating this program.
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    Phillydog, that's exactly how I have my Treo set up! Get News is such a simple program and it got the news I wanted. Other programs (where the developers are active) correct a problem when it happens. I agree that this developer doesn't seem to be active so we might be out of luck.
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    Glad to see this is a common problem and not just for me... I tried to figure out if I installed something that was interfering with GetNews.

    Now we just have to wait and hope.
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    Has anybody had any luck with this recently or should we consider it dead?
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    Anybody? Anybody? I agree with all of you. So sad that it has seemed to have died and the developer hasn't responded or updated. Is there anything very similar in terms of ease and price (i.e., free) that can be used as a 2Day plugin?
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    None - Quick News is it. As a note, I use Quick News as a plug-in to 2Day for a while and then experienced reset problems that were unique to my device. I have since removed it as a plug-in and use it as a stand-alone application. Ben

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