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    Sure there is, Reverse DUN.
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    wait what?! crap i heard you couldn't and thats what i've been telling him

    what is reverse DUN?
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    Reverse dial-up networking. Instead of having a computer or something connect to the Treo via Bluetooth and using the Treo's cellular internet connection, it's the Treo connecting to a computer using Bluetooth and using the computer's Internet connection.

    I don't think it's enabled in the 680 yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpizzaj View Post
    alright can someone do me a favore since my bro won't stop annoying me about it and answer this question very plainly so he'll stop pestering me

    "is there any way to browse the web through bluetooth?"
    Well yes if you have 2 bluetooth devices and 1 has some kind of data? What exactly is he trying browse the web on?
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    Apologies for the dense question, but how can a wi-fi sled work and not a wi-fi card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by E2EK1EL View Post
    [B]Bluetooth and WiFi SD & Memory Sticks in Development

    Does anyone have this sucka?
    wow you really dug up some fossils. I don't think those devices ever actually made it into production. lack of wifi and 3g are the result of the stagnation of the palm os.
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