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    is there a way of restoring them without doing a factory reset as i have now discovered blazer is needed to install java apps.

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    You cannot delete Blazer, it is in ROM. I am confused.
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    well its not showing up anymore and i did make a physical attempt to delete it so.....
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    Check the following: Set your categories to "All" and look for it. Maybe it got moved or categorized to "unfiled".

    On your Palm launcher, get the the /Info portion of the Palm OS and look for Blazer. If it there, then something is blocking it.

    List all the software installed on your device. Maybe there's something there that could help us pinpoint a possible issue. Something must have corrupted the Palm file directory.

    Last resort: Do you have a backup of your Treo 600, either via the SD card or your desktop? If you do have a backup, perform another one to make sure you have a more updated one. After that, hard reset your Treo. Your blazer should show up.

    If you don't have a backup software, get one, even just the demo would work for you. Try Backupman or RescoBackup. Make sure you use a reliable SD card. You should have no problem restoring your device afterwards.

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