quickoffice ver 7.1

Email to cutting edge software tech support was ignored.
Phoning them, they said it was a Palm desktop issue.
The Palm.com website had me contact Sprint, since that's my carrier.
They didn't know what to do and forwarded me onto DataViz who makes a competing product NOT Quickword.

Do you think I'm getting the runaround?

Here's my problem:
After a hard drive crash, I rebuilt my system. Then I restored files to my C: drive from a backup disk.

After reinstalling Quickoffice version 7.1, (and synchronizing), all my documents are missing from my Palm device. Why? How to restore?

I can't find any reference in the help file, or in any online knowledgebase that tells me how to restore docs that were automatically deleted, archived, and converted from .QWD files into .PDB.

I'd like to know why they were automatically deleted in the first place.

But the most important part is how to restore them?

On my C: drive, I see all of the missing documents (with the PDB extension).
They're in the C:\Program Files\Handspring\BradleV\Archives directory.

How do I get them back onto the Palm AND CONVERTED BACK TO QWD FORMAT?

I searched the publisher's (Cutting Edge) knowledgebase for the term "archive restore" and only got one hit (article number 100) that doesn't tell me how do restore an archive.

QuickOffice Desktop utility file/add file menu does not restore them. What does?

I can't believe I'm the first user to have this problem. This issue should be in the QuickWord Knowledge base and/or FAQ, don't you think?

Please help!

Suggestions, phone numbers for Palm support (other than Sprint)?

Thanks in advance,