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    Has anyone or everyone experienced this? I downloaded a bunch of games and apps for palm devices. When I install them on the treo they seem to run fine through instructions and set-up. but when the program is actually fired off i get dual compressed views on about the top 1/2 inch of the screen. I can actually make out that the controls are functioning its just purely a display issue. I installed about 6 games in a row that did the exact same thing. I dont know if this stuff was developed for 160x160 or 320x320...just that it should be compatable for palm 3.1 or better in 256 color. Is there some old video driver that I can install or??? or??? Any helpful comment would be great. Thanks all.
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    Yes, it's old games not meant to run on the new device. What to do? Contact the developer or do not use the application. You are lucky to have only the compressed view problem.

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    They were written for 160x160 and don't have any provision for scaling to 320x320, apparently. As Ben mentioned, the display problem isn't that bad compared to the device freezing on either launch of one of those apps or on exit... I had a few on my Zodiac that ran fine but would freeze the thing on exit every time. (During that freeze, the Zod made loud screeching noises.)
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    Well. I take it that there is nothing that will aid these apps so I will drop back and punt. thanks for the info.

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