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    okay not really crying, i'm upset though!

    I'm at work. at 11:17 pm my phone just turned itself off! i didnt' notice until 11:30 I tried to wake it up, maybe i didn't wait long enough but it just was not on.

    so i take the battery out. stick it back in.
    I take the battery out. stick it back in again.
    i repeate one more time, and this time the Palm loading screen turns on, phone seems fine. I have 43% battery power.

    the phone was sitting on the desk, nothing was touching it. i made a call about an hour before, sent a text message and read an email. then it sat for an hour while i was working. why would it turn off?

    I'm not going to say its a problem, b/c everyone phone i have ever had has turned off at least once or twice in its life on its own also.
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    I've had my 680 turn off by itself twice since I've owned it. I thought that I might have accidentally depressed the power button (in my pocket or some such), but hearing your experience, now I'm not so sure...
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    One factor is signal strength. Ben
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    The odds are real high its some app you've installed, or a conflict between two or more of them.
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    My to. Actually quite often I find my 680's phone has turned off . Didn't have that problem near as much with the 650 . Sounds like a job for PrefDoc ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    The odds are real high its some app you've installed, or a conflict between two or more of them.
    My bet too. I'm not saying the OP did in this case, but there do seem to be loads of folks buying the 680 & immediately hotsyncing loads of old 650/600/gameboy/whatever apps over without checking to see if there's a later version that's been written for the 680, then having problems and blaming the Treo.
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    I havent had this problem *knock on wood* but i had this problem with my treo 600 constantly. it would randmoly turn off the phone app and i would miss alot of calls. I dunno what causes it, but it gets annoying really fast
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    okay so...this morning i wake up shower use my phone, put it in my pocket. get in the car take it out...NO POWER AGAIN!!!!

    this is twice. in 24 hours.

    no migration from 650 ----> 680

    i have google maps
    pocket tunes deluxe
    directory assistance
    minitones --most recent app could be causing the problem. no problems before this was installed, but this was installed for over 24 hours before the problem began.

    we'll see what happens! i love the phone,but maybe i should stop saying that!
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    Well my first reset today (spontaneous)..figure it's an app though..added quite a few though i checked each one for stability...then again maybe it's a combo of operations long as it doesn't happen again should be fine *crosses fingers*
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    i don't think i can qualify this as a reset, b/c it powered off. I had to remove the battery for a few seconds then put it back in to get it to reboot. we'll see if it happens again...if so i'll start over! no big deal, phone works so well.
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    Did you try to see dialing #*377 and see what was the last reset event? Is it simply the battery connectors are not seated or connected firmly to the phone? The only reason why a phone would power off is that it lost power somehow.
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    i didn't know about this special code.
    "a crash occured on 12/29/06 at 1:12pm while running "<unknown application>": fatal exception

    what does that mean? nothing was running at the time..the phone was asleep.

    good news though, it has not happened again since then.
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    This is one of the things that makes me a little skeptical of the battery life claims while "running nothing." Your phone was undoubtedly running something, and during (but not necessarily due to) that something it crashed. The information doesn't tell you why it crashed, just what it was running when it did crash. That it was an unknown application, also undoubtedly, means that it was something that you loaded onto the phone. Any native Palm app that came with the phone would almost certainly be recognized by the OS itself. But this was a program that was not recognized. It could be something minor--and even, as I mention above, not something that actualy caused the crash--but it was running when you thought that baby was "asleep."
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    The next time the power off happens, can you run the same code to check? You have Cingular for service?
    Is Chatter running and connecting on the background?
    What is the battery level when you restored power back to your phone?
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    yes chatter is always connected, but since i'm on TMOBILE it is on a timed sync (polling every hour).

    i have googlemaps and minitones

    the first time it happened the battery was 97 percent
    2nd time i think it was over 50 percent. I remember thinking the battery died but it had not.

    Really, chatter is the only program running...obviously chatter was the culprit. just strange that it hasn't happened again.
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    Does chatter have a log of connections? (i.e. date and time listing of when it retrieved or connected).

    Let's not define identify chatter as the culprit at this point. I suggest you post a question to chatter on his forum here at T/C.

    There could be other things on the 680 that is causing the problem. On the 650, one of the options identified causing problems (aka resets) was the Enable Local Network time function. Does it have this option on the 680 and is it enabled on your phone?
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    no, i don't know whewre that "enable local network time" button is. I know that when i reset the phone, it MANUALLY gets time and date.

    Its strange, b/c a specific function has not made it crash, it just turned off. If it did a reset, wouldn't it have actually reset and rebooted?
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    Go to preferences> date & Time.
    There you'll see "automatically set:" with a drop down choice list.

    I have unchecked this and it seems to have helped. Except now that the annoying thing is the time on the Treo seems to change at whim.

    Can't seem to win for losin' eh?

    I've gone back to wearing a watch now to keep on real time- but this is a pain because my scheduling relies on the Treo's time!

    Funny how I got this device to simplify my life and help me keep track of myself - now I find myself babysitting the Treo!
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    For the 650, well at least for me, the last firmware update corrected the enable local date and time issue.

    The time drift on palm devices are not that great, it is manageable.

    If you have internet connection, there are free application (just don't know if it works with 680, it does on the 650) that lets you check against a standard NTP servers from the internet. One such application is called netClock. See attached files.

    This needs not exists in current memory nor does it need to be ran all the time. Once a week is good enough.

    This application can stay on your SD card under /Palm/Launcher folder and you can run the application from there. Test it first.

    Remember, we have not pinpointed your actual problem. Just remember when the power shut down occurs again, just run the last error check (the #*377). It could be that your phone is draining too much battery power and is shutting down by itself, if it could not connect to the network or the other suspect is that your battery connectors has a problem.

    The battery can recover back its voltage levels to a certain point (as much as 50%) after powering off.
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    Are there other #* combos we should know about?
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