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    So, I love the a newb can't believe i waited this changing...i digress....I wish there was a leather credit card bilfold that would hold Sd cards...I found one on a non-us site, but it looked like it was no longer for sale....thoughts ideas direction on my quest for a leather billfold with flash holsters?
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    Its maybe not what youre looking for but if you check out the Franklin Covey website they have a couple of options. I know Ive seen a "page" that will hold memory cards and I bought this cool little box that goes on my keychain and holds 4 SD cards. Heres the link for the keychain:

    I know Ive also seen leather flip cases that have card slots in the flip, there are also slots for credit cards etc. Check the TreoCentral store.
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    CompUSA and the Rhino leather cases - let me count the slots - 2 SD and 3 credit cards. Ben
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