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    Yeah but it also mentions the 650, not released on T-Mobile
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    hopefully that means that tmobile is taking the initiative to know that many of their customers used unlocked phones on their system, and would like to help them out too.

    I know that i always call them with my unlocked phones to get the settings. they always tell me that my phone is unsupported...i just have to lie to them until you get to a level 2 tech, then tell them you need the manual settings to set up your phone. they understand.

    i'll call next week and see about the network default setting changing from tzones to total internet on the phone periodically.
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    Those have been there for awhile. While T-Mobile doesn't sell those phones, they do offer some limited support for connectivity purposes. I remember when I got my 650, I was able to go there and get the settings for Tzones. I wish they would start selling a device that is Palm capable. It would be great to even have one of the new Treo 700w/wx or 750.

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