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    I was looking at Opera Mini for Treo, one thing that intrigues me is that it has built in RSS support, along with the fact that I've heard that opera is a good browser. So what is everyone using with their 680? Would Opera Mini be better than Blazer?
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    I find Opera Mini 3.0 somewhat still buggy for the Treo650 - dunno about the 680 but YMMV. It's slower and more crash prone. I am still suing version 2.0
    Best use something else for the RSS like the free Smaato
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    at this time i'm still using the BLAZER. it seems to work fine. no issues and have not found it to be limiting, except for rss. I currently don't use rss, but have a few that i would like to receive...i might just get quick news or resco news instead of a browser that has them built in.
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    Blazer user here. I tried the trial for Xiino and although it was Ugly (yes capital U), it was very fast. Ultimately though I switched back to Blazer, I find it easiest to use. I am also interested in Opera Mini, but I've been extremely reluctant to install Java on my my 700P.
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    whatever came on the device....seems to work, i prefer ie though.
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