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    Hello all.

    I have a treo650, on the verizon network. I recently did a wireless hotsync, and now my treo has none of my contacts!

    All of my memos, contacts, calendar events etc are intact on my computer (via outlook), however, none of my contacts remain on my handheld.

    Recent "direct" USB hotsyncs have given me the following errors:

    Outlook Calendar
    The attempt to open the database failed.
    Date Book application database is not found. Please invoke the Date Book application on the handheld once and re-synchronize
    - Not Synchronized
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

    Outlook Contacts
    The attempt to open the database failed.
    - Not Synchronized
    Outlook Contacts synchronization failed

    IF you have any thoughts on how to get my contacts back on my treo, please let me know!

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    A few ideas. In the palm desk top software go to tools/users and make sure you are using same user that your treo claims it is.
    In the hotsync software go in "custom" Make sure the user at the top is the same one you saw in the palm desktop and the treo. also make sure that contacts says "synchronize" not overwrite. also make sure the hotsync manager has "local usb" checked and try a hardwire hotsync again. forget about the wireless until you get it ironed out.
    hope this helps

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