I have a Treo 680 and have been very interested in all the "I have a bad battery life" threads.

This is the first time that I have found reading about what people are saying about their Treo battery life funny.

My Two favourite have been:

1. Originally Posted by Dunc http://discuss.treocentral.com/showp...&postcount=389

I have no idea what i had - it's packaged up and sent off. There's no question this is a firmware issue - the replacement unit is no better with the battery life. All this talk about plugging in, disconnecting, depleting to 0%, charging for 1/2 an hour, waiving a dead chicken... Come on! Absolutely ridiculous, this should work out of the box as advertised - and it doesn't. I said it before, "I can't believe there isn't a class action suit yet."

And here is the reply by Bri GUY

The dead chicken doesn't work ... been there, done that. Maybe I'll try sprinkling my 680 with holy water next.

2. Posted by khaytsus http://discuss.treocentral.com/showp...65&postcount=3

You could disabled "Agendus handles alarms", it does nothing then unless you launch it.

I'm waiting for the "My dog farted and my 680 started using 20% battery an hour!" thread.

For me my Treo 680 battery life is like my girlfriend - totally unpredictable but always gets my attention.

I showed my Treo to my local witch doctor and she said it was possessed and if I gave her $100 she'd remove the spell.

Come on Palm send us an update quick or I loose $100