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    Who uses their PDA for Gaming? I've got the old AD&D assistant (No "about" screen, and I can't remember the developer), it's fairly functional excepting the occasional fatal error.

    I also use the PocketC applet "Star Wars Dice Roller" which is very cool! (for the old SW game, not the new, ******* WotC version).

    I've tried to use ThinkDB2 for character sheets for both SW and D&D, but they were less useful than paper...

    My pals all use the Ad&D assistant, so when we game the room is just us hanging out, talking, and occasionally tapping our palms. We're freed from the pain of needing writing/rolling surfaces!

    Also, beaming little secret notes to each other is kinda neat...

    Anybody else?
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    Yea - another gamer.

    I've been wanting to use my Palm more for gaming, but most of the apps really suck (my opinion). The only one that I use at all is called 'Character Sheet'. It is on Palm Gear, and is a decent character sheet program for D&D 3rd Edition. It's not bad, but is nothing more than a paper sheet running on the Palm.

    I got so disgusted that a couple of weeks ago I started writing my own program. It will include multiple characters, character creation wizard, equipment lists, dice roller, combat resolution, spells, level up, infrared printing, etc. It may also have an interface to add extensions, but I haven't given it a whole lot of thought yet.

    Currently, all that I have gotten done is most of the static character sheet and about a third of the character creation wizard. Lots left to do.
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    The main thing is the integration of the Character Sheet and the Dice. Level up would be Great!

    Don't forget to put note-taking (or mapping???) in there. That's key.

    I'd love to see/buy your finished product!

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