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    There were several threads about what to do when Versamail hoses up and starts re-downloading messages that were marked for Deletion. None of them had an easy solution so when I found one I figured I make it a new thread with an easy to search for title.

    I went into Filez and deleted all the MMIDCache files. Then I deleted the following file, "Multimail Disconnected", re-synced with the mail server and all was well once again.

    I'm don't think that deleting the Cache files was necessary because it did not fix the problem until I also deleted the Disconnects file.

    I also recommend syncing all of your accounts first and letting it pull down whatever it wants before deleting the files to make sure nothing is lost. I am gonna guess that Disconnected contains info about when a sync gets cancelled or disconnected in midstream. Then if it gets corrupted, Versamail gets confused as to what needs to be pulled down or deleted. That was my guess when I decided to delete it. I've got this to work twice now so I have a pretty good basis for this reasoning.

    Hope this helps and saves you the trouble of having to delete, recreate and resync an account.
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    Thanks, I'll try that next time. I KNOW there will be a next time.
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    Sadly enough, I do too.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Next time has arrived -- this time on both of my versamail accounts at the same time. I'll give your method a shot Bob-C.
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    It worked for one of the email accounts, but not the other. (Maybe it worked for the one I had "active"?) Still, saved me a bunch of time.
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    It should work for both of them. I think you do have to repeat the procedure for each account though. I have two accounts and got them both to work after a couple of swipes. Haven't had problems again for quite awhile now. So hopefully it cleans some garbage up.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.

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