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    My friend just got the 700 and is going to give me his 600 for free. Now im not one to turn down free stuff. I had the 650 before and what im wondering is there a big difference between the 600 and 650? I assume that they both have the same features more or less. what can the 650 do that the 600 cant? Are there any essential apps that wont work on the 600? I will mostly use it for calling, email, text and some IM.
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    there are many different things between the 600 and 650, ill list a couple

    650 has better
    *camera(600's camera sux)
    *resolution(650 is high res 600 is low res)
    *is a quadband(600 is triband)
    *650 has removable battery door and battery
    *650 has a wider base of programs and accesories for it than the 600
    *650 has a more comfortable and not cramped keyboard
    *650 has about twice the processor speed as the 600

    most importantl;y is that the 650 has a pickup and hangup button where as on the 600 you have to tap the onscreen button or hit the small center button on the 5 way nav

    just stick to the 650 man take from me: a 600 user
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