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    Could anyone please tell me how to send pics from my treo 700p to my email account (aol) and it not comes up as a zip file...Every pic i send becomes a zip file then im not able to unzip it on my pc....Any ideas?
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    I just did this the other day. I took a picture with the 700p built in camera and saved it to my SD card. Then I launched Versamail (email) and composed email, to attach the picture I clicked on the little red paper clip on the upper right. I selected type 'photo/video', clicked on the icon for my sd card, then saw a thumbnail of the picture, clicked in the check box to the left of the picture and clicked done, done and sent the message. It arrived I believe as a jpg.

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    I have never had it zip a file! Some people complained of it being in an unreadable file when i had my 650. I send my pics just like sysmg does.
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    you have to use a file explorer. personally i use resco explorer but there is a freeware app named total commander that can open zip files.

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