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    i just got a new 700p and had beyond contacts installed - no problems. unfortunatley i had to returnt he 700p and get a new one - when i synced up beyond contacts and all my data showed up on the phone. but beyond contacts is not on my hot sync manager list and the subsequent data does not sync.

    how do i rectify this? do i need to unistall the program from the phone then install the software via hot sync. what are the steps i would need to take?

    i've emailed dataviz - googled and searched here but can't find the answer.

    any help/ advice would be fantastic!
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    anyone? i'm stuck on this and still haven't heard back from dataviz-- it won't sync my outlook data...
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    Here's another method that might help:

    Put in the original Treo 700p CD into your computer. A menu will pop up, and a choice near bottom of menu will ask if you want to change your platform for hotsynching (eg: switching from Palm Desktop to M.S. Outlook or vice-versa). Go ahead and change to Outlook, and then synchronize data.

    All your data should then be synchronized to your desktop computer's MS Outlook app.

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for. Good luck.
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    thanks = i appreciate the reply. i ended up unistalling and reinstalling beyond contacts.

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