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    So I hotsync my treo 680 eligiously and use backupbuddy to boot...if I add a crapola prog and want to revert to the treo before that error in judgement..or even do a hard reset to try and improve battery life...exactly how do I restore my data, contacts and progs afterwards?? I know I know read the manual but it's not with me atm!
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    you should get a program called Uninstall Manager ( This program will allow you to install items on your handheld, use them in a 'sandbox' where you can try them out before letting the program into your system and if you want to uninstall, just remove it using UM and voila! all traces of the program will be gone and your Treo will be in the same state it was in before the install. I've been using it for years and I won't live without it.
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