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    Ok heres the biggest problem of all time universe. And i couldnt see why Abstractcd couldnt figure this out. Heres the thing :

    I myself can't read chinese characters. I purchase Yinghan 2.9 in order to learn how to read chinese characters because im taking chinese classes.

    Right now Yinghan 2.9 works great ! It has yinghan and hanying with DA launcher that just works perfectly (in BIG5 mode).

    Knowing the fact that most phones right now uses GB encoding to send sms. I tried smsing my friends and they replied in GB encoding. When i received it some font can be translated and some appears as '?'. This is because im using BIG5 Char Set and when my fren uses their phoone to sms me in GB some words can't be translated from GB to BIG5. (im using TREO 650 1.20 APR)

    So hence in order for me to received their SMS in full. I have to set my Char Set to GB before the sms arrives.

    HOWEVER ....

    Setting my Char Set as GB .. i couldnt use the Yinghan 2.9 to Phonetic-ize the chinese characters that my friends had sent me in GB (because apparently GB font is unsupported for Yinghan 2.9 / Chinese Phonetic DA from - stupid)

    So i have 2 choices now:

    1. Set my OS in GB and received all sms from friends in Full .. (but im unable to read it because these no chinese phonetics support)

    or ...

    2. Received SMS in partially read mode (some characters some '?') but able to phonetic-ize the chinese characters and try to figure out what my friend is actually saying with the missing '?' (which is actually quite hard)

    So theres my problem here .. if anybody has a solution of anything of how can i actually phonetic-ize Simplified Chinese would be great on a Palm OS.

    The only solution to my problem right now that i can think of is :

    1. Having a SMS program that converts GB sms to BIG5 sms.
    2. Having a software like Chinese Phoenetic DA that supports GB font.

    Any of these software available or any back way solution to my problem would be gladly appriciated. Thanks guys ! ^_^ (if i cant find a solution im considering switching to windows mobile treo though i hate WM5)

    -i want artic white treo 680 so bad now :`(
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    dude .. i cant understand chinese .. if i could .. why the heck would i need a Chinese Phonetic Program to read the characters .. can u help me summarize what it says ? it shows screen shot of BIG5 font .. would i able to received sms in GB mode in BIG5 mode ? i doubt so ..
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    If your Treo has the 1.2 APR ROM, you might be able to set it for CJKOS to Chat Set: Big 5, Display: GB, Smart detect Chat set. If it doesn't work, try other combination. Good luck.

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