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    Happy New Year everybody!
    bought used treo 650 on eBay, and can't turn it on
    If I but battery or connect power cord it will pass the orange logo, then show for a second palm blue round logo and... turns off. Looks like there is no any ROM at all.
    I did zero-out reset, doesn't help.
    When I connect to USB nothing happens, doesn't recognize any device or something.
    Appreciate your help.
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    Since I've red somewhere that after unlocking zero-out reset wont lock again I'm thinking that may be this happens because of wrong unlocking. Also I get "delete all data? up-yes, any other button no" screen and if I will not touch any button it will stay in this state. So I'm thinking that there is wrong ROM inside, how can I put different ROM on it?

    Please help
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    So you can't hit any buttons? Perhaps it's a bad keyboard.

    I've heard of several bad Treo's from eBay recently..
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    Thanks for the response, but it seems that keyboard is functioning when I press any button in "delete all data" screen.
    Why do you think that it's keyboard?

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