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    Hi folks,

    I got my Treo 680 a few weeks ago and now I have troubles with my birtdays. I have set ALL birthday reminders OFF. Now I selected ONE entry (birthday is tomorrow) and set the reminder-timespan to "1 day before".
    Today there was not only THIS ONE to be reminded of ... I had 138!!! reminders in the list (equivalent to ALL of my contacts with birthdays). The Treo showed me ALL contacts from Jan, 1st 2007 to Dec, 31st 2007 ...

    this can't be a "normal" behaviour!?

    Does someone know what the problem is?

    Thanks for help
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    did you ever get help with this? i think i have the same problem...
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    try dbfixt it app. there must be a corruption somewhere. i had this problem but has not had it since i ran dbfixit which found some errors in the PIM data.

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