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    I bought a 4gb card about 2 months ago and it has been working great until today. I have usb converter like thumbdrive connector and when i plug it into both my mac and pc it is now read only. Although when i plug the card into my palm treo 700p i can write to it. The write protect on the side is in the write position. I backed up my data to my pc and even formatted the card using the palm and i can even change the name of the drive and copy files from the treo to the card. But once i unplug the card and connect to my pc or mac, the see the card as read only. I am not sure what happened...Please help. I am sure it is some weird setting.
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    something like this happened to me recently. are you sure your thumbdrive adapter thing isnt pushing the read only tab to lock when you are pushing it in, and then pulling it back to unlock when you pull it out? my friend's adapter did this but only with one specific sd card.
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    I dont think so. I examined the usb converter.

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