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    Hello, I'm having a problem when I sync by either USB or blue tooth. The connection establishes as normal and goes through the normal updates (pocket quicken, transactions etc) then once it hit's Doc's To Go the connection drops off and that's it. No calander update or anything else??? I've tried to free up memory by deleting large doc's and some pic's as I saw this can cause issues but it did not help. Any idea's what the problem could be?
    Thank's Randy
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    Well, I disabled Doc's To Go in the hot sync manager and then started it. Everything updated perfectly (accept Doc's of course). Then went on to do the latest Verizon update and the whole phone crapped out on me. Stuck in a reset loop and can not get it to stop even after a hard reset. Talked to Verizon and they said the phone is done! They are sending me a new 650 for $50 as mine is out of warranty. Not a bad deal I guess considering how old mine is. No option to upgrade to a 700
    Ahhhhh, it's been a long night!
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    I'm not real happy with Doc To Go. Every time I modify a document on my 700p, it will no longer hotsync. Kind of annoying.

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